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March 11, 2006

LION VS TIGER: Which One Will Win In A Fight?



 BigCats (http://indrajit.wordpress.com/bigcats)




Lion is known to be the King of Beasts across most cultures of the world. This is mostly because of a lion’s appearance and partly because of the social structure of a pride and the lion’s role in the pride. A lion does possess a royal look and attitude. Add to that a tremendous roar that can be heard over miles In the Savannah. Also, living in a pride, a lion doesn’t need to hide itself or avoid any other animals including human beings. A lion lives in the open and controls its territory like a true king, sporting a ‘kingly’ mane and heading a pride that feeds him. The Bible of the Christians and the Geeta of the Hindus both mention the lion as the king of the beasts. So it has got accepted as a sign of royalty all over the world from as early as the Roman empire [INDRAJIT.WORDPRESS.COM/BIGCATS].

Vital Statistics:
[There are a lot of variation in the figures found online. I tried to collect them from reputed instituion and/or govt sources]

  • Largest Lion in captivity: 806 lbs (366 kg)
  • Largest Lion found in the wild: 702 lbs (318 kg) and 11′ (3.35 m) [INDRAJIT.WORDPRESS.COM/BIGCATS]
  • Average size (mode) of African Lion: 410 lbs (186 kg) and 8’10” (2.7 m)
  • ** Lions stand around 1.15m (including mane) at shoulder as opposed to 1m of a tiger **

The King of The Kings:
When you think of a lion, you think of an African lion. The Asiatic ones are somewhat smaller in size and relatively unknown living in the tiger country. There is no significant variation in size among the African lions. In some online forums it is claimed that Ngorongoro Crater lions are the largest sub-specis of lions. But there is no base to that claim.. The Tsavo lions are generally considered more aggressive, but they are naturally maneless. [INDRAJIT.WORDPRESS.COM/BIGCATS]

Relative advantages over a tiger:

  1. Thick protective mane. It also makes a lion look much bigger, heavier and taller than it really is. This is of immediate psychological disadvantage to any animal fighting a lion. It’s downright scary to see a lion coming towards you roaring. A lioness, even if it were of similar size, wouldn’t inspire as much awe. From the fight videos, it does seem that the mane is of huge advantage to the lion. In the only fight-video of a maneless (shaved) lion, the lion seemed too easy to beat by the tiger. The mane is the biggest weapon for a lion – both for defence and for scaring off the opponent. [HTTP://INDRAJIT.WORDPRESS.COM/BIGCATS]
  2. Taller structure. This makes the lion more intimidating. Also, this somewhat compensates for the weaker hindquarters.



 Royal Bengal Tiger

Living largely secretive life and attacking preys using stealth, cunning and agility, a tiger is mostly considered a villain (like Sher Khan in Kipling’s Jungle Book). Moreover, the man-eaters in India have further maligned the image of a tiger. Not much is still known about the lives of the tigers in the wild and hence a lot of the information considered as ‘facts’ about tigers are merely informed guesses. Since the chance of encountering a tiger in the wild is way less than the chance of encountering a wild lion, a lot of data about tigers reflect either only a small population of them, or are based on indirect studies, or both. Also, a tiger’s unwillingness to fight without necessity has often been seen as lack of courage and aggression.

Vital Statistics:
[There are a lot of variation in the figures found online. I tried to collect them from reputed instituion and/or govt sources]

  • Largest Siberian Tiger found in the wild : 845 lbs/ 384 kg.
  • Longest Siberian Tiger found in the wild: 12’9″/ 3.9 m [HTTP://INDRAJIT.WORDPRESS.COM/BIGCATS]
  • Largest Bengal Tiger found in the wild: 857 lbs/ 389 kg. 3.22 m 10 ft 7 in between pegs (3.37 m 11ft over the curves)
  • (The largest tiger ever held in captivity, and the heaviest ‘natural big cat’ on record, is a nine-year-old male Siberian named ‘Jaipur’, owned by animal trainer Joan Byron-Marasek of Clarksburg, New Jersey, USA. This tiger measured 3.32 m 10 ft 11in in total length and weiged 423 kg 932 lb in October 1986)
  • Average size (mode) of Siberian Tigers living in the wild: 550 lbs (250 kg) and 11’/ 3.35 m
  • Average size (mode) of Bengal Tigers living in the wild: 500 lbs (227 kg) and 9’6″/ 2.9 m (Bengal tigers have a slightly shorter tail than the Siberians) [HTTP://INDRAJIT.WORDPRESS.COM/BIGCATS]
  • ** The Bengal Tigers have the longest canines **

The Greatest Cat:
Tigers vary in size as well as in aggressiveness (supposedly, at least), not only across different sub-species but also depending on the region they inhabit. Bengal tigers found in Nepal, Bhutan and in Assam, Uttaranchal & West Bengal (Northern part) states in India (collectively, the tigers of the Terrai and Duars) are larger than Bengal tigers found in Sunderbans and Rajasthan. The Sumatran tigers are supposedly the fiercest but they are the smallest sub-species of tigers. The Siberian tigesr are the biggest, but considered to be less agile and less aggressive than a Bengal tiger. The Bengal tigers are most widely touted as the most skillful and overall best breed of tigers – nearly as big (male ~230 Kg, ~3 m) as the Siberian ones but much more fierce, agile and strong. The Bengal tigers of the Terrai are often bigger than average Siberian tigers (Update on Aug 4, 2007: I’ve found this in many a trustworthy source that the Bengals are now considered larger than the Siberians). [HTTP://INDRAJIT.WORDPRESS.COM/BIGCATS]

Relative Advantages Over a Lion:

  1. Longer and often larger size. Now this is often posed by the people who pick a tiger to win, as a serious threat to a lion. A larger yet more agile body of a tiger is really a serious threat to a lion. But this alone can not be a decisive factor.
  2. More powerful forequarters and hindquarters. This helps a tiger to leap more, to spring from a disadvantageous position and to make sudden moves. This is of tremendous advantage to the tiger. This gives the tiger the ability to rest its weight on the hind legs and make swipes with both of the front legs. Plus, the strong hindquarters allow them to attack from the side and spring from unexpected/disadvantageous corners. Moreover, a tiger makes faster swipes than a lion. Tigers are more agile than lions. [HTTP://INDRAJIT.WORDPRESS.COM/BIGCATS]
  3. Longer canines, longer claws and larger paws. These are the ultimate weapons of a cat. Tigers have considerable advantage here.


Myths About (and Against) Lions and Tigers:

Myth 1: [The lion has a stronger forequarter] The fact is, the lion has slightly less massively built shoulders than the tiger. Overall a tiger is more massively built than a lion. Even pound for pound, a tiger has anatomy-advantage over a lion in the forequarters. [HTTP://INDRAJIT.WORDPRESS.COM/BIGCATS]

Myth 2: [The tiger hunts larger preys] The fact is, both these cats generally hunt similar sized preys (the size of wildebeast) and both these cats may go for larger preys once in a while. In some areas, these cats get ‘specialized’ in hunting certain kinds of preys. In Nagarahole National Park in India, the tigers prefer to hunt the large gaurs. [HTTP://INDRAJIT.WORDPRESS.COM/BIGCATS]

Myth 3: [The lion has more bite force] The fact is, pound for ponud, a tiger has more bite force quotient, though the difference is not huge. [HTTP://INDRAJIT.WORDPRESS.COM/BIGCATS]

Myth 4: [Tigers are more ferocious] The fact is, There has never been such a claim by any scientist or noted animal observer. This is a bizare claim with no base. Both these animals show similar ferocity (of course, ferocity is not quantifiable) when drawn into a fight. [HTTP://INDRAJIT.WORDPRESS.COM/BIGCATS]

Myth 5: [Lions have larger heads] The fact is, an average lion has (surprisingly) the same size of head as an average Bengal/Siberian/Indochinese tiger. The tiger’s head is just a little wider and shorter, allowing it to have more bite force. [HTTP://INDRAJIT.WORDPRESS.COM/BIGCATS]

Myth 6: [Lions just fight and tigers just hunt] The fact is, nomadic male lions hunt regularly and skillfully. Even resident male lions hunt sometimes. On the other hand, tigers fight, often to death, with other tigers. Tigers fight fairly often, so much so that around 30% of tiger deaths (for Bengal tigers) occur due to territorial fights. Also, tigers fight with leopards, bears, wild dogs, elephants etc. Most of the tiger vs tiger and lion vs lion fights end after one combatant escapes while some fights in both the cases may result in severe injury or death. [HTTP://INDRAJIT.WORDPRESS.COM/BIGCATS]

Myth 7: [The lion has better fighting techniques] The fact is, the tiger shows better ‘skills’ of fighting. It can swipe much faster than a lion, can use both the front legs at the same time for making swipes, is faster and more agile than the lion. [HTTP://INDRAJIT.WORDPRESS.COM/BIGCATS]



Captive animals:
Captive animals often behave differently than the wild ones. In a fight between captive animals, a tiger will have the advantage of size and power.

Let’s now talk about ‘wild’ animals, ie, both the animals are at their prime and have been captured fresh from their natural habitat and are in good natural condition.

In small pit/cage:
will have a slender advantage if the fight is in a small closed area since it may get the benefit of taller structure and the mane and the tiger may feel the lack of space. Agility may not be a big factor. But it may really depend on the size of the respective animal. If the tiger is significantly larger than the lion, the lion may not get a chance to do much harm to the tiger.

In a large area (forest/grassland or even a large ‘cage’):
may win easily. The stronger hindquarters come into play here. It helps to keep balance and make fast movements.
If the two animals are ignorant of each other’s presence at the begining, it will really be a tiger’s game. Siberian tigers are sometimes reported to predate on female/young brown bears. The female bears may be larger than the tigers and as aggressive as the male ones. But the tiger stalks the bears and then and hunts them. In a similar way, if a tiger and a lion are released in a forest/grassland, a tiger’s stealth-attacks may be decisive.

Why The Tiger Has a Better Chance of Winning:

There is a popular notion that a lion is meant for fighting whereas a tiger is meant for hunting and hence a lion will win in a tiger-lion fight. Some people mention that like a pitbull can own larger dogs, a lion can defeat a tiger since, like the pitbull, the lion is meant to be a fighter. This is a bad comparison. That a lion plays the role of a fighter in a pride doesn’t make the tiger a non-fighter and just a predator. A tiger predates AND fights. And that’s why they are way more active than lions. Over their lifespan, a lion fights other lions less than ten times. This may be well less than the number of tiger-fights a tiger has to face over food/mating/territory. A lion may have to fight off hyenas, too. A tiger, on the other hand, fights with leopards, wolves, dholes and black/brown bears over food/territory. [HTTP://INDRAJIT.WORDPRESS.COM/BIGCATS]

The ‘strength’ analysis is of course an ideal one. A lot of them may prove to be invalid in real fights. Most of the ‘documents’, ‘eye-witness accounts’ and vidoes (though most of them are manipulated to suit the story of movies) show that there is more chance of a tiger winning the fight than a lion winning it. It seems that a tiger might be reluctant to fight at first. But if compelled to, it’s a much better and more powerful fighter than a lion.

Size does matter. An average Bengal/Siberian tiger measures 10 feet and 500 lbs. Can measure up to 11 feet and ~620 lbs. Lions average 9 feet and 410 lbs. Can grow as large as 10 feet and 530 lbs. (Not considering the more extreme cases for either cat). Clearly, tigers have an advantage. Additionally, the build of a tiger provides much more balance and agility. The weight of a tiger is more evenly distributed over its body-length than that of a lion. A tiger’s tail, being heavier compared to a lion’s, makes it easier for the tiger to turn. And if the animal with larger size also has greater agility, it’s the one that should win more fights. Add to that the advantages of bigger paws, faster swipes and longer canines!

An African lion, hailing from a place where it doesn’t get much competition from other animals, attacks from the word ‘go’. On the other hand, a tiger, coming from places where it fights bears, wild dogs etc, assesses the situation first and then goes for the kill. (Ok, lions, too, live alongside wild dogs. But they don’t clash much since lions live in prides. For the same reason, lions rarely fight leopards). For this reason, some animal trainers and experts have mentioned the tiger as an intelligent boxer. Additionally, the Bengal tigers are widely considered as being extremely aggressive when drawn into a fight. [HTTP://INDRAJIT.WORDPRESS.COM/BIGCATS]

In 100 fights between the two in any natural setting and in non-extreme climate, I’d bet a Bengal tiger will own an African lion 80 times provided there is no bias in choosing the animals. I’d expect an average Bengal tiger of the Terrai (see above) with 530 lbs and 10′, to make a short work of an average South African lion (~410 lbs and 8.5′). Even pound for pound, a tiger is stronger. If it’s a smaller-than-average Bengal tiger, with size and wight similar to the lion’s, it should be 70-30 in favor of the tiger.

Overall, there may be very few really big and aggressive lions that may defeat a Bengal/Siberian tiger, but on an average a tiger will win against a lion almost everytime.






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  1. Huh! Good… get the hell out of here, no one wants to listen to your condisending hypocritical lying ass, who twist facts an cant comprehend the most simplest of things…
    I said spears couldent kill a single<—-lion…Hmm, where in the world would you find a reigon in africa where there was only one lion? Besides nomads in very small territory of there own, how in the world would you put 2 an 2 together if I constantly mention Prides Pride XD XD XD

    Ever refuted? You really dont know how things work in refuting now do you…if you bring data that specifically states it was collected in the 1960’s than it can be refuted by the simple fact that it has a selective [opinionation] of that eras gathering…yes, he did have refferences that were of a little erlier, but he dident have any where near all the places that lions were shot in India…not even 1/10th of the places the books I presented named…an there were even the rare incounters from the 18th century down to the 16th an below all having places that wasent even on that persons map gangis river travels almost to the ending of east india, Himalayin montians is almost the top of Indias reigons an all the other places have been presented [which I double checked] are all farther than what his graph had showed …in the 1960’s he would have been [limited] to gathering data…in our time as in “Computers” that have exellent search engines…we can gather data 1 million times faster…no dought it took that person a long time, because he had to gather different books by going to India [Himself] or finding a library that might have documented it or asked countless of natives or zoologist an archeolohist…it would be hard as hell in that time line to make anything a garentee….that bud…is refutable because the data I provided had reigons to districts to areas that lions almost spanned the entire landscape of India, which no one exluded our era, no shit they arnt there any more…I talking about early 1800’s down all the way to Bc times not late 18th 19th an 20th centurys.

    Many sources of tiger fans of rome? HA HA HA HA HA …..WHERE?!? Theres only one {Root Source} Martial peters, oh thats right you dont comprehend well…sorry I forgot I have to take it N-i-c-e an S-l-o-w….you know that Roman one you brought the article..??
    It says tigers always won said in the records of Martial….did you not get that they are quote-ing Martial Peters?….The book that said when Britain became master of the world said that the artist lied because Martial thick jungles… while lions were wiped out almost instantly from guns because they live out in the open.

    You got to be fucking kidding me right…why dont you check out Untamed yuku I stated my self that if that pussy fagget P tigris wasent going to stop erasing my data I presented, than I was going to leave my self on my own accord…thats all he did was keep lies an erase the truth…wouldent you start flaming if whole pages were erased when you typed them out? I dont even do that any more, what is significant in quanity an quality I save’d so I can paste it any where without the worry of it being earsed, yet that was only for that site because of the admins just so happen to be die hard fanatics of lies…I wouldent even go back to that site even if you fucking payed me too…yet who the fuck do you think Joesph is on here??? Thats P tigris…its so fucking obvious his Punctuation an Grammar is exactly the same, his topics he brings up is exactly the same…XD XD An he then pussyed out an erased the true exploitation list lol pathetic. An as of A.v.a I merely wanted to learn more of the Tiger from Peter an the lion from Asad…because although Peter pulls more for the tiger to win…which is his right to…he can have a civil conversation (and) present Facts….in fact all the data hes gotton is all that those chumps like P tigris, Perault, prathap has any say on…because its hiliarious the 367 list they had hadent been questioned of its over 300 repeated…faked an altered data for 6 years from any tiger fan on that site…yet once I blast it in Chronological order=showing that over 200 things were the same occaision, same article just spread out an used over an over an over again acting like it was different account just increase this—–># the number count….then all of a sudden I get banned? XD XD XD I was polite as shit on that site until I met up with biggest loser on the planet Jackjacksonj aka redhouse an the other 30 fake names he goes by on one site…yet the funnyest shit of all was I got that bitch to ADMIT THAT HE LIED ON PURPOSE…I got him to admit that he faked accounts…I got him to admit he repeated the same article over 300 times Face fucking palm……an thats why I was banned, because it sure as hell wasent the swearing James red house swared 10x more than me….yet as long as he favor’d what they favor’d ahh, thats okay he can stay…lol which leaves me to complimenting you in you thinking that Yuku is the only forum on the Intire internet? XD XD I am part of just about 10 sites that have been even more viewed than that pollution of lies site…but I aint going to link all of them simply because look 0_0 its P tigris following me around along with James red house as other names…XD XD XD Thats funny P tigris banns me an then tracks my every movement fowllowing me around like a flea on a dog…then he post like some prom date that was stood up….ha ha… haawww P tigris i feel you bro just end it already we both know your a pathetic loser that was only living on a thread string of reciprocating the Truth….
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    As for you Chupa…if these links dosent help you…then whats the problem? This is only for educational reasons…what, did you wanna try an hide these from the world too? I dont see why this would bother you….theres over 100 sites with all the tiger info of tigers killing lions yet not even 10/100th’s of anything of a lion winning, when bascially the data is every where…yet chumps like you insist there wasent any of a sort…hmmm? 150 clean creditable links said other wise…oh wait its 40,150 …right? XD XD XD

    Dude if it bothers you so much…then scram…because {your making your self} look like a fool pal…I have no reason why I cant be civil..I said it a hundred times literaly…but once you bash the lion, tiger or me then its go time…but if you really like the subject than if I were you then I would only take advice an data from Peter on yuku…hes a hard core tiger fan…an so am I…but he unlike all the queer bags on ava… Peter speaks of only the truth if some how it is proven not as reliable then he just like me will dis-reguard it…but you an them just saying its not reliable just because the lion is winning or not showing any substantial proof just leaves you looking Bias an pathetic, I have even adopted a new sub-tomic view of looking at this debate…if others can agree that its a 50/50 than I will have no need to post, again you have no idea why I even gathered the data, jackjacksonj site of 367 lies that I smashed showing every number he dilibertly repeated, every number he dilbertly faked, an every number that had nothing to do with lion vs tiger yet he labeled them as they were 367 accounts Huh! an his site was up for 6 years…an suddenly when someone (Mwa) has pointed them out to be only 30 accounts all together an lieing on 330 then his site magically gets shut down? XD XD XD XD XD XD AHHHH HA HA HA HA XD XD HA HA


    so if you choose to go…by all means pal…Hit the Road Jack

    Comment by Prime — November 11, 2012 @ 9:08 PM

  2. Eh its missing a portion of a paragraph…??? Hmm, well good thing theres a back up paster…heres the missing paragraph that starts in the middle of the 3rd paragraph…continuing an ends at the 4th….

    Martial thick jungles… while lions were wiped out almost instantly from guns because they live out in the open.

    Hmm? This pc is almost done…oh wells its been fun ^_^

    Comment by Prime — November 11, 2012 @ 9:22 PM

  3. Ha ha ha…it happened again…oh? This Pc is goin down the drain faster than I thought…lets try it one more time if it dosent work…then oh wells…here it should pop out of the continuing of the 3rd paragraph

    you know Martial fucking Peters yeah that Poet…. they are all saying he said tigers won every time….which in his epigrams

    Thats lying dum dum…his words translated from latin, said only one account…theres no words everytime or always won…read the dam book I did link it on here an yuku ask Bold champ on yuku or +leofwin or jeninfordragon, or anyone on yuku that covered Rome.. get the book on google an use “Google translate” an translate his words your self, instead of listining to losers trying to re-paint history….thats funny in that same book that talked about James ward…George stubbs an Delacroix…an the other painters…which what was there only way of putting that bullshit lie together? Oh yeah.. they said they got it wrong because tigers are 2x bigger than lions an there paintings show equal sized lions an tigers AHHHH HA HA HA HA Then other sources say that they were Bias for the lion because of being british…oh? How so, there british megerines had lions killing tigers for just about 7 centurys thats 700 years that is still documented…isint that factual enough? An give me a break…if you read up on there Bios it plainly states they went to Rome=Italy…they went to north africa…they studyed live animals, stubbs had even set up a exhibition with animals.. dosent that sound like how he drew them to you? lol Of course not, because your fucking Bias plain an simple…theres no such thing in this world of a lion winning right? ha ha Ward was the only one that copyed a painting yet the merits of that painting was from an actual account…from Pompeii=Roman, which was badly damaged I got to see it my self…half of the artifact was decayed…an the first person to have revised that specific one was named William samuel hewit in the late 1700’s…which it stated in his book he had studyed the remnent an instead of tracing an copying the texture they arranged live animals in there court yard in a shire castle..so in reality it as well count as 2 accounts…but the funny thing is…I have them in the Birtish catagorie as in Eruope…not Rome…so stop fucking saying that I’m gesturing they are from Rome they are britsih its obvious of there art an names retard…no one was trying to hide that…so stop the act, the ones are from Rome are from Italian Painters…latin painters…from eras of deeper cultural preservings like the Aqua Empryium of Rome painting thats in the 16th century…an the Royal athena that was in the 14th century…the british war with India was in the 17th an early 18th century…so none of the paintings from “Rome” has any affiliations with the Bristish war with India.

    You can bring a million sources that said tigers won in rome…an if they have MARTIAL on it which your Pbs has, an the imaginary others no one yet presented, then it still counts as 1 source…if I was to have knocked you out in the ring…an your brother told his friend an he told his freind an all three write a book how I knocked you out…would that mean I knocked you out on three different occaisions because theres 3 books? XD Nope…yet all you do is ignore the fact that all the sources is quote-ing a man that dident even say what they are saying. Pah!

    Rome is no point for lions? Oh, okay cry baby…thats why there scriptures an remnents have such detail of the fights like the fight for marcus stated that the tiger avoided the lions swipes with marvelous skill an speed, which we all know is true by the way tigers fight on 2 legs an jump around, an they pointed out key points like the tiger grabed the mane an couldent do anything like on video of the Big Cage the tiger had mouth full’s of hair…gir forset had almost a whole minute of the lions back an had clumps of hair in his an hers mouth…coincidence that there long ago scriptures an recordings have exact replications of what we have on Video…wow what a coincidence eh? XD 45 thousand? Uh…lions populations now is 20 thousand back just 200 years it was 100,000…an every century before that adds on another 100,000 you really dont know anything do you…that goes the same with tigers…different eras hasd different sub-speices, they used all types of tigers infact every type of lion an tiger was used, some were transported by cargo…by cages of walking with them chained up…some by ships an dosent every single book about rome alibies animals have been slaughtered by the tens of thousands per emperor? Again you really dont know arithmetic nor basic math…but if you like…I can get all the sources of each era they had tigers [which I have on hand] that shows the plenytul of tigers they had let alone the number of tigers to exsist back even 500 years ago would be 1,000 times more than now simply because there wasent any formidable way to kill them other than arrows an spears, which still would be quite hard because of the specific places they lived in thick jungles… while lions were wiped out almost instantly from guns because they live out in the open.

    Comment by Prime — November 11, 2012 @ 9:30 PM

  4. Cool…it worked…Tootles Chupa ^_^

    Comment by Prime — November 11, 2012 @ 9:46 PM

  5. To clarify better on lions fighting tigers in Roman accounts, Clyde beatty and Indian accounts…this ought to set the standard…


    Comment by Prime — November 18, 2012 @ 7:19 PM

  6. .

    Isn’t it strange that the the lion fanboys have to troll and spam the websites and forums with their illusion and propaganda?

    this article has so many good references and logical conclusions. then there is a freewebs website that has collected so many references to credible books/magazines

    why can’t these lion fanboys create their own website?

    I was searching in the commets here. only ONE lion fan tried to really argue, and not just spam, here. I see that the author of this article has replied to all his points and that guy never posted again. I hope he has changed his mind about this fight as well.

    Why is it so hard for the lion fanboys to accept the truth? Being inferior to the tiger is no shame. A lion, in its own right, is a magnificent and powerful beast. Just that, there are more powerful beasts out there.


    Comment by I_am_back — December 11, 2012 @ 10:02 AM

  7. Strange, huh? Oh you mean mis-informed delusional whimps like you, …(Troll), hmmm? You mean nutreul-enthusiast/people who are intrested in credability and the turth, people that protain an emit data of the highest credability an dis-reguards there own opinion because evidently only 1/1,000,000th have ever seen a lion an tiger fight in the flesh? Uh huh,

    … an (Spam) oh you mean retaliate from people like Jackjacksonj’s site who was so stupid he put the fake document he edited with the repeats an real ones that showed they were repeated over 300 times…”Right” thats called retaliation of replacing data that has been admitted by him to have been purposely faked…being replaced with factual data by me an a hand full of others…you know, like how I made that chump shut down his site because I showed exactly which numbers he repeated an faked an how he did it? Huh! Yet he then plays it off that it was the bandwith XD XD Yeah thats why he was still able to highlight my name eh? Haa ha ha, have that fag reboot his site than, an put them in chronological order along with them in catagorie form then…[like I did with Clydes accounts]…come on, you wanted to come back to this site to have a go at something you call facts *cough cough* bullshit *cough cough* lol yet you still dident even match the amount of death accounts, you had to manifest a magic number like indian 200 accounts explainations which had less substance than wiki it self lol, yet you immediately tuck tailed because you realized that all the accounts ever documented that have substance an credability to them couldent even match Clyde beattys accounts let alone the Roman accounts which I showed over 35 (Different) sources with most originating straight out of rome, an by your magic number property panned out… what was it 45,000 wins for the lion? Ha ha haa yet you bring hilarious secoundary cites that claim roman records… yet the author says Hawaii, or british, or englisgh…people that would have norecalations of substance an credability over a originational finding just opinions, that dosent show a single one other than Martial peters= one account XD

    (Properganda)??? You said you were Indian, yet you deny your own cultures past by trying to repaint history an use your retarded logic to rewrite things that can be disputed in a femtosecond, like how about the fact your saying that tigers are superior, when in (Reality) you know, real life? Lions live in prides, so what world exactly are you living in, that a solitary animal will over take a social animal, they cant even contend with smaller animals that live in groups let alone a mirror kin animal that is everything he has an more…Huh? An what properganda are you relating to, dosent over 80% of Indias people have the name Singe in there birth names? You know singe…uh…=lion, ha ha ha, or how about the 10 books that I blessed you with that stated tigers were only there national animal in the 70’s an for thousands of years the lion was indias symbol of power the same way germans have conducted the 5 continents search of the Kosmos land carnivore animal below humans an every nationality at some time has the lion as the highest ranking land carnivore…huh, its more like a silly fanatic an his boy friends against the entire world, an yet how clee-shay is that for me to say against the world? Oh but wait, I showed them with (Proof) that the lion by majority of the worlds artifacts, remnents, sculptures, past an present cultrual identitys have the lion above the tiger…yet you ignore your own culture? Ha ha ha

    (This article?) Get off the crack, there’s only around 3/10th’s of information on a lion an tiger fighting, the rest is purely highlighting (other) animals fighting lions like bulls an bears getting the best of lions, =pathetic, yet he covers no animal killing a tiger when in less than a good 5 minutes I can link this site to over 100 accounts of things like pythons, bears, bulls, crocs, dogs killing tigers…an yet the 3/10th information isint even the basics let alone accurate…why bother mentioning a 900 pound tiger when it would be the same way saying, a 900 pound human would beat up a 200 pound human? Oh thats right because he just wanted to act as if its normal to have a 900 pound tiger walking around the wild. Huh!

    Only (One) who bold champ?…aka Damon pfft, he already stated that he ditched this site because it takes to long to process things here just as I stated that there is a limit to what you can post, but ahh, you dont listen nor comprehend much any way. An please, tell me…exactly what does commenting back have to do with if he was right? Come on, tell me, I havent seen any data thats gathered on any site that exceeds the Bold champs in terms of weight confronmations, not just oh look heres a guy who said he has a 10,000 pound tiger, lol…no, Bold has confromation from people who weighed them, an so far no other person had matched the amount of credable data upoun selective catagories Bold champ, leofwin, an schamma them had brought…just like how I have (on hand) over 70 historical artifacts, from multiple cultures an nationalities from 50 years-Bc times showing an portraying that the lion usually won over the tiger…compared to only the 6 that I found of vice versa, yet no one ever matched them yet…no one has, an I dought no one will…all you have his fags like Jamesredhouse, the maker of jackjacksonj site trying so desperatly to show pictures that have a lion an tiger in the same art an saying that the tiger kills the lion when they arnt even doing anything or a cenitar fighting tigers an lions an saying the tiger not the cenitar killed the lion XD XD XD XD yet he tryed again to twist my data, an claimed most were for properganda an hadent any affiliations with a real fight, when I then showed on the previous link that they visited Italy as in Rome an studyed live exhibitions said so on there Bio from numerous meseums I linked an provided. Huh! As for Bold changing his mind…actually he’s doing rather well changing nutreuls an even some tiger fan minds…with factual data that the lion has the slight superiorty in a 1 on 1 fight…lol

    As for making there own sites, uh? There are, your just in denial…in fact I made a few threads, an had more than a few swing from there own assesments to agreeing or just submitting to data I put toogether…which still is hilarious because my opinion an the data are still different. Even though I give it a 50/50 in terms of equal paralitys, the data says other wise…I know the data is something you’ll never except, but thats what makes it all the more merry’er to humiliate chumps like you with. ^_^

    As for shame, you should quit while your ahead, (sarcasim) because youve already been put to shame by you using all the data that me an the team of yuku had dug up, yet you dident get the memo that a hand full if not 80% of it was exploited to being mere opinions an faked data…if you wish to go threw the fake ones an how they were constructed I’d be more than happy to show you…*chukkle* but I have no other illaberating at this point an just laugh at you as a very good joke being told, for you thinking that any carnivore/omnivore “beast” other than humans could iradicate a lions full potential in the wild, the tiger being the ultimate assasin killer of the heavy hitters still wouldent supress or even manage to steak a claim of land in other predators as a whole specie that will push foward in its survival against any lion community…no solitary animal can make that claim, thats why humans besides intelligents are the top Kosmos specie on the planet, unity…the tiger dosent even come in 2nd or 5th or even tenth in comparison of its whole species of which animal would thrive more an own the land, they would have to get pass what is there (Average) living situation to max…Ergo Tigers=1 as in average, an 4 as in max…they cant even contend with

    Lions=6-30 in a Pride….outcome, any of the others below would submit there territory at max
    Hyenas=6-40 in a clan…outcome a hyena clan would own that territory with a tiger
    Wolves= 4-30 in a pack…out come a wolf pack would own that territory with a tiger
    Wild dogs= 6-25 in a pack…out come a pack of dogs would own the territory with a tiger
    Baboons= 5-20 in a group…out come a large group would chase off tigers

    Not to mention the other herbivores that do well on there own agianst a lion or tiger let alone they have the herds to better protect them, so tigers might be farther down the line in terms of territroy owners, sure they can co-exisist with the rest, but owning there territory when the challange is always there like places in africa…nope, not a chance.

    Comment by Prime — December 27, 2012 @ 10:10 PM

  8. Oh an by the way, Mr I’m back aka Chupa… that free webs one you spoke of is what I’ve been talking about the entire time, yet you then use profoundancys to label lion fans? XD I’m a tiger fan too but theres a difference between a fan and a fanatic…which what you an that free web site is…it has the most hilarious name calling that every data in the world that has anything to do with a lion beating a tiger as false, fake, lies, made up stuff by lion fans XD XD yet he wants people to belive the shit that comes out his face as true? Ha ha ha haaa ha haa,

    None of the data your arc enemys you call lion fans aka Nutruel people sharing there opinions.. had the shred of disproving there presentings yet, non, nadda, zip, nyet, nine…nothing has been disproved, only a cry-baby twisting facts via (no proof to do so) an editing out what his sad little bias mind can manifest…which is grade A’ pathetic.

    This single account was the apiffany of that free webs site you spoke of,

    Jackjacksonj site had claimed he had 367 account’s I mixed and matched all the account’s and he had only 30 that mean’s he leid on 330 account’s, which I posted the answer sheet you can go threw on this very site also on his site I left all the one’s he lied on in his guest book and blog. that tiger did NOT win sixty battles, and the pic does not state he kiled them. here is the FULL quote;

    Public Opinion: A Comprehensive Summary of the Press Throughout the World on … – Page 760

    At least, fifty or sixty battles were fought victoriously by him with nearly as many different seals who coveted his position ; and when the fighting season …

    and, here is the link, in case you don`t believe me;


    You see ^^^ that’s how he merged 2 different article’s to make this…

    That’s why after the word’s there are three dot’s like this {…} showing they are not in the same article which this is the article he changed 1 account into 60 from, here

    Thats why 80% of his so call evidence hasent the whole article or link to its root source, all of them have an indention to them in-corperating 3 dots meaning he edited it that way, non of the articles of quanity have a direct link, only the article with its photo shoped icon staring you right in the face, using one article multiple times an changing around details like dates an locations to (Act) as if was a different account XD XD XD.

    An thats the most funnyiest shit ever, thats how you can tell a tiger fanatic from a nutruel or fan apart, they dident even source them or check for its credability let alone comprehend the ridiculesly poor editing an idiotic lies he tryed to fool the world with…Huh!

    Comment by Prime — December 29, 2012 @ 7:31 PM

  9. Isn’t it strange that the the lion fanboys have to troll and spam the websites and forums with their illusion and propaganda?

    this article has so many good references and logical conclusions. then there is a freewebs website that has collected so many references to credible books/magazines

    why can’t these lion fanboys create their own website?

    I was searching in the commets here. only ONE lion fan tried to really argue, and not just spam, here. I see that the author of this article has replied to all his points and that guy never posted again. I hope he has changed his mind about this fight as well.

    Why is it so hard for the lion fanboys to accept the truth? Being inferior to the tiger is no shame. A lion, in its own right, is a magnificent and powerful beast. Just that, there are more powerful beasts out there.

    Comment by I_AM_BACK — December 29, 2012 @ 9:54 PM

  10. Oh? Sorry chupa, I forgot that the Ip’s are tied in with the avatar, it seems retard is back…u-know…uhh, P tigris…XD So go ahead bro, reciprocate it. Your doing a marvelous. ^_^

    Comment by Prime — December 30, 2012 @ 12:07 AM

  11. Yo prime, are you from Africa? You language a few pages back sounds like Swahili.

    Comment by Misc brah — January 23, 2013 @ 6:36 AM

  12. lol No, I’m from Hawaii, born and raised. But I got alot of respect for them Africans. ^_^

    Check out some betah data on the subjet here…

    Experts who favor the lion in a fight with a tiger….


    History of Roman and Indias lion fighting and defeating tigers…


    Historical artifacts from 50-2000 years old providing substantial proof that the lions had a consistantcy defeating tigers from all 7 continents and over 40 different nationalitys an countrys recording memorabilia threw there cultures art…


    The abundentcy at this point at-least shows who has more data proclaiming a slight winner…it will need more to data accumilation to make a conclusive dessicion, but at this point from experts, trainer’s, owners and scientist having majority favoring the lion as….——->1 Major implimation.

    Having a consistancy of pretty much every culture in the world having some sort of historical artifact of a lion beating a tiger indigidously or imported…——>1 Major Implimation.

    Having the actual records of both killing the other with lions being in the lead in around 130 accounts to the tigers 40….——->1 Major Implimation.

    Thats 3 Major implimations all favoring the lion as more dominant in terms of fighting 1 on 1, again its not conclusive yet, but it sorta is…maybe at the point of doubling the information on hand it can be deemed conclusive that the lion is and has always been the “majority” share holder in inter species conlicts that go to death with a tiger.

    Comment by Prime — January 24, 2013 @ 7:30 PM

  13. Here, since dum dum wanted to re-open his site full of lies an fakes…I’m on that mission again to show hes just a fucking fake cry baby bias loser…heres the exploitation list posted on multiple sites, ….


    an again here…


    HA HA HAAAAA HAA HA, where ever you fucking post you faggot, people will get a chance to see you repeated things over 200 times on your list…karma is a mother fucker so good luck on the out side, enjoy it while you still can bitch!

    Comment by hardbody — February 9, 2013 @ 12:52 AM

    • Yo Prime, you go to school? Or in college?

      Comment by Misc Brah — February 11, 2013 @ 4:19 AM

  14. I already grad in 06. an worked ever since in landscaping, but was going back to school next year.

    Still have to finish up formating things in the Empire catagorie…


    Comment by hardbody — February 11, 2013 @ 3:18 PM

  15. lol Sorry wrong name…

    Comment by Prime — February 11, 2013 @ 3:19 PM

  16. The biggest lie in history…

    You can check out my last post on here, that exploits, exposes, an demolishes the lies of Jackjacksonj’s web site, of pure bias lying trash, showing in his site which he so call claimed he had 367 accounts of tigers killing lions, I organized his information an catagorized them showing he repeated less than 10 accounts 367 times, Huh!….


    Comment by Prime — February 21, 2013 @ 9:41 PM

    • I have to wonder. Why are you quite obsessed with what two animals do? You seem to behave the way a teen or a mentally sick person (no offense) with too much free time would behave, yet you work and say you’ve graduated. You are neither a lion or a tiger, and either will kill you in the wild if they saw you as a threat. So why not look for other things to pursue in your free time? Do you meditate? Do you read on spirituality? Tried mountaineering? Snowboarding? Surfing? You don’t have a respect for Africans. You just wish they were your pets. You want to defend them so obsessively since they are your hypothetical “pets” and you want them to be above every other animal. Did you know that an earthquake could kill them? They are not above death and there is always something greater than one thing. What does it matter if someone says it can kill a tiger or not? Has it made your life any better? You are the only person doing this in the whole thread for several years. See how much your life has actually changed. I bet it has not by one single iota.

      Leave your keyboard and check yourself into a hospital or something. XD LOL ROLF is something a teen would say. Don’t expect this from a graduate.

      Comment by Misc Brah — February 28, 2013 @ 12:03 AM

  17. Wow! Bravo, Bravo,

    Nice to know you’re a douche bag. You mad or something? To much free time??? I merely put in less than 120 hours into the search on topic of my total time on L vs T, so by me posting a year or so back means that I never left my computer for a year? Ha haa ha, maybe you should check into a mental hospital because I’m doing fine, it just seems that you cant cope with how badly your idles have been demolished. Surf, mountain climbing, graduated, work…??? Yup, I live in hawaii an cover all of that monthly, just climbed to the top of the valley 4 months ago, I’m pretty occupied. An with mere minutes of my time mostly on weekends, I actually contribute to the word “Creditable information”, I wont waste my time going back and forth with the old “I win you lose… with no evidence all day long on places like youtube…if your life isint going good then by all means end it see if I care? (No offense)

    Its quite obvious you cant except the concept of what I have tributed…for you to tell me to check in a hospital shows you just are butthurt an needed some one like me to point you in the right dircetion, so…end it. I dont need to take anything you say in vein or serious, just answering back in fashion how you are acting=Like a dumbass. Because I have no shame or ill thoughts of what I contribute, I seek the truth theres nothing wrong with that, an if I have to humiliate people who hang on to lies, then..all the more merryer.
    The subject is one of intrest to more than the average person, apperntly so, because on youtube the basic views are well over 10 million, so speak for your self when you try to impliment that I’m on a dead subject that no one should or want to look into, let alone I havent even put in any real time consuming search’s compared to the people who I am adressing, there sites have been up for 8 years, I merely put only an hour or so on weekends or free time an actually come with sources an proof of what ever I cover, unlike like people who just want you to belive in what comes out there ass of pure lies an be taken seriously, Huh.

    Exactly what the F are you talking about in everything else you are blabbering? Africans, what of it? I said I respect them an then you manifest idiotic gestures of pets? Dude you really need some meds, because no one will get the slightest clue on wtf you are talking about. Lions an tigers are going extinct, we have the capability’s via=Intelligents to hault that, that is something I have always gesture’d, so what they can kill us, if you get killed than it shows you are the F’ing idiot to have put your self in that situation, in the wild people can build fences, in captivity they can go by the rule of never going in the cage when they occupy it. Simple as that, if you cant follow the most simplest instructions, then maybe you deserve to die, we are the more intelligent being so it is our duty to find ways to provide for them to make up of all the millions we have killed for stupid reasons.

    I’m the only person? Ha! Theres like 5,000 post on here by hundreds of people, I have only been on here for the last pages not even 6 pages more like 3 or 4, an actually brought something worth reading, compared to some people like on yuku who has been at this debate for just about 10 years in an out an hasent anything more than the same bullshit opinion they started off with, not to mention books that cover literaly hundreds of pages of this stuff when all my researching isint even worth a 15 page book being presented which can be read in an hour. lol an all of a sudden you act like I’ve been stuck in a paradox for 20 years or something…ha haa haa haa, dude get help because you’re fucking losing it. If you aint happy with your life (which is evident) then…well…you know, be strong and help us all out an end it.
    (No offence) XD XD XD


    Comment by Prime — February 28, 2013 @ 1:10 AM

    • Going by the logic presented by Prime, it seems very likely that Prime is a Tea Paerty leader

      Keep it up Prime

      Comment by Non-Prime — February 28, 2013 @ 9:06 AM

  18. Will do ^_^

    Btw, hows your untamed–yuku doing, still running on the same sack of shit lies?

    Ha ha haaa ha, Dalen cat filled me in on how you an Perault banned some lion/ or should I say nutruel siders, an also erase any evidence that I have sourced an alibied?

    Typical, you just wanna say, Hey! Look at our list of repeated occaisions an info, thats repeating the same exact quote 300 times, thats facts, thats reality, thats how a organized list is suppose to look like, yet when I have everything in chronological order–and catagorie form with a femtosecond to review it you wussie’s erase it from exsistance? Ha haaa ha ha XD XE. You dont care for the debate, you never did, you dont care for credability or substance, you just wanted a honey-comb of lion haters to group up an do what ever it takes to show some kind of crack head white supramacy bias prejiduce that allows you to act like you even know what the hell you’re talking about, an just say all day… nope tiger wins, we have more (faked an repeated data) to prove it, an we will spam it on every thread anytime someone says a lion has a chance, an when they bring something of credability we will erase it so no one knows the truth…..Lame and Pathetic.

    An to think all this time I thought you ignoraneses had atleast 40 accounts, atleast 40 experts opinions, atleast 10 historical artifacts, when more analyzing your source of (the wishing well of shit) lies, I managed to organize your holy bible an have un-covered (on my 2nd to the last post) on here,


    That, that 367 accounts amounted up to no more than 15 death accounts, no more than 15 animal experts with credability XD XD its highlighted in plain black an white he repeated one account….1 account more than a 100 times XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD

    An none of you on yuku for over 6 years had ever questioned it, not once, instead you inforced it by spamming it over an over again on your sites, an have the gull, have the nerve, have the kahones, to call others fanatics, call others liars, call others every name in the book? Pfwa ha haa haa ha, the fact is you fags started this whole charade, an are the reason why now when comparing the information (thats creditable) its plain as day shows that its 8/10 win for the other siders…an thats without a dought…if you have any problem with it, then man up for once in your life an post everything you got in chronological order an in catagorie form, because other wise…stay in your delusional world of lying your ass off and going backwards instead of foward.

    Oh an tell that peice of shit fag, to keep up trying to dis-credit my info…Ha haa ahh ha haa, Dalen showed me where he tryed to manipulate my Roman accounts an label them fake, so because I had very little source/alibied substance at the time, it would have seemed it was easy to manifest idiotic lies as he did to disprove them, by saying they were all british, but thanks to his cry baby efforts, I strengthened its credability to being un-breakable…
    here last post on the page…


    Funny how he said british fake, when I highlighted they were german, funny how he said fake art, when I highlighted guy’s like stubbs who said they drawed what they saw an dident like copying art, funny how he said most werent roman an just fabrications, when I got there alibie that states people like Ruthart was born….yes, born in the Holy Roman empire, or like aqulia who was an Italian painter=Roman empire affiliated. Haa haa ha ha, an yet all you monkeys still have is Martial, like how I highlighted every book of his (hide-ing) the fact that they them selves were quote-ing martial, an his kaka-mimi art sculpture was from a french man not a roman, an painting showing a lion an tiger in harmony not fighting.

    Pathetic…but good luck with that, it seems Karma works in mysteriest ways as well too, look at our avatars on here, heres mine teasing an lauhing at your lies, yet your avatar looks to be in a state of delusion…hmmm? Coincidence???. ^_^

    Comment by Prime — February 28, 2013 @ 6:34 PM

  19. Almost there….


    Comment by Prime — April 5, 2013 @ 4:33 PM

  20. As for this site, I shouldent have insulted Raj so much right off the back, people like dalencat once told me to be steady and beat them back with the creditable info instead of flaming (which i am working on) I never debated with Raj and his first reply to me sounds genuine…I guess I viewd jackjacksonj, and free webs and cultivated a natrual hatred for people who ignorantly posting repeated info and contradicts them selves, if raj wants to start over again rationally then I can agree to remove alot of my flameing on the fast forum…its up to him I really dont mind or care, for as they say…my skin is prety tough.

    I just find it lucrative that he contradicted him self on his first reply to me, so I went off…but he did after all say he dident except novels…yet he has 3 which are…

    Jim Tullys
    Count belarious
    Mel sunquist who is quoting belarious

    I can show the links that say they are novels and fiction if any one wants to see them…

    then he spliced them multiple times on this site…his title of his site says this……


    So when is he going to edit out those 3 novels Asap, like he states^^^???

    Not to mention him repeating edmonds mengerie over 9 times, the records of martial of 9 times, the same books with just differnt authors all covering the same things, yet he counts them as different sources?

    Again either he dosent know, or hes just doing what Jackjacksonj site a site (he mentions as creditable) lol as I was about to say…either he dosent know hes repeating the same occasison or hes dilbertly using multiple authors to cover the same exact quotas and acting like they all can be counted as different refferences.

    Comment by Prime — April 19, 2013 @ 6:54 PM

      —– Tully’s Circus Parade is supposed to be the second part of his autobiography. Sure, it is a novel. But it is considered a NON-FICTIONAL novel The first part of the autobiography is “Beggars of Life”
      —– Count Belisarius by Robert Graves is indeed a fictional historical novel. But Graves had done his own research, like other novelists of historical novels, to come up with a credible and reasonable depiction of facts.
      I will provide you with more credible information about the roman arena fights. It is a certain fact that the tigers ALWAYS won against the lions in the roman arena.
      Keep up the good work and don’t let crazy people like Prime fool you.

      Comment by Gerardo — April 22, 2013 @ 10:28 AM

      • lol

        The desperation is fucking hilarious, you chastied Bold champs novel which was from a historian, the people with the most highest forms of studys which requires degrees and years and decades to study under…. than when someone points out you losers were relying on something almost the same but from a person who was well known for writing novels its suppose to count? XD XD XD I already showed the whole abstract, it wouldent matter that if its a non-fictional book, Tullys version is not the same as the original, which the original that I linked showed that Ben the bengal dident kill the two lions, he dident even fight two of them, he just picked on the female….XD XD XD

        The desperation of you fake fucking waps, posting anything you can find with the title :Tiger kills lion” even fictional books that you dident even bother to read the whole thing. HA HAHA AHA

        As for Roma, “Always won” ??? Wheres that, in the (Re-written versions) of Martials poem??? Ahhha hahahah, we have Martials exact wordings which said…

        The rare-seen glory of th’ Hyrcanian land,
        A tiger, wont to lick his master’s hand,
        In pieces tore a lion in his rage,
        A thing not known before in any age.
        He durst not this attempt in forests high:
        Beasts among men learn greater cruelty


        So that means all those 10 books that said martial said every time…is fake, flawed, bullshit…because in no where in Martials words did he use the words EVERYTIME, he Said it was a RARE_SEEN, and UN_HEARD OF IN ANY AGE


        No, you losers been exposed in being the biggest hypocrites on the web, and almost everything you tryed to claim that our data was fake flawed and fabrications have now been proven they are all reliable…how and why? Because of the in-consistansy of your claims, you all said they were british from the get go, relying on a book that was only stamped as a critic and had no further knowledge in lions and tigers in general, so you relyed on a flawed quota, when you all wrote on my historical artifacts…





        HA HAHAHAHAH AH, thanks to you fucking idiots laying the first claim before I had any deep study on the subject…one by one, I was showing and that 80% of the artifacts was not british, but Italians, Germans, Chinese, japanese, Indians and more…and the constant aray of bullshit you idiots kept throwing at it, was getting more and more desperate until you just made your selves look more desperate than ever…because now, the data is unbreak-able, because I gave books showing why the 20% of the british chose the lion over the tiger, so they are not fabricated..Ha!

        You guys can now only rely on the little mistakes I made (which I corrcted), like Hobis incident, a honset mistake anyone could have made, that tigers name in the photo was named Hobb, and the tiger that got killed was named Hobi…being in relatively the same place, I thought it was the same tiger being there names were identical…yet unlike you twats, when I was apointed to its true profoundacey, I removed it from my list…hence do you see it on my latest post? No, you fucking wap!…Yet do you girls do that? Do you strive to remove any non-creditable and faulty information…not for the past 7 years….Huh!

        Pathetic, but no worrys, sit tight…and I’ll exploit every-single one of you and your team on yuku’s, stink fucking lies.

        Comment by Prime — April 22, 2013 @ 6:33 PM

        • Prime, your dad’s balls were left in your mom’s puss, and they became your brain. Your mistakes are honest and others’ slightest of misqutation is a propaganda – right, retard? You have been torn apart in all the forums. I wonder why no one is coutering you here, or why the administrator here has not banned you from here yet!

          Comment by Gerardo — April 23, 2013 @ 9:02 AM

          • wel said……………….hahahahahahahaha…..this going 2 d forums………hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!111

            sum retards balls bcame primes brains………………hahahahahahaha……..lol……rofl

            Comment by I_Am_Back — April 23, 2013 @ 11:13 AM

            • Gerado, you sucked your dads balls and ate your moms puss? Tell me something I dont know.

              The administrator is having a divine moment in his life, to walk the path of the truth, and make sacrafices to better further education….or to be a selfish bias rat and pollute the world with lies and propaganda. it up to him, I wasent counting on anyone to be truthful.

              What are you two chumps afraid or something? Why dont you use the same names back on yuku…you act like your title is unbeknownst or something, it just shows that your petrified of me and cant even keep a straight face in having a normal conversation. Wheres your Romans you said you have gerado? Oh, did I just smash your entire world showing everyone who was quoteing Martial and said tigers always won is now moot because Martial only mentioned one?

              Yet my list is pushing it to the 50’s, cant wait to hit a Hundred. lol

              Comment by Prime — April 23, 2013 @ 4:48 PM

              • my list is pushing ur moms puss – she cant wait for my thing 2 hit it………….lol

                Comment by I_Am_Back — April 24, 2013 @ 9:40 AM

  21. Now you hit your mom Paul? I thought you said your mom was at her last breath, you got some problems so your telling me you were banging your dying mom?

    Your fucking gone.

    Comment by Prime — April 24, 2013 @ 5:42 PM

  22. C’mon bitch! What cat got your tounge Paul? XD XD

    Put your list in chonological order, it should take you no more than 15 minutes to do…C’mon! You like calling people like Bold, Dalen, Leofwin, Cat lion, Kaos, Jeninfordragon all idiots and retards and you cant even organize something that a fucking 5th grader could do?

    Chronological order would mean… to put them in order as in if you have random numbers like….

    4, 2, 5, 1, 3,

    whats that ^ in chronological order?

    1, 2 , 3, 4, 5


    You dont have tens of thousands of numbers to siefer through, you only have as you so call claimed 111.) accounts and or experts opinions, so it will take you no longer than 15 minutes to put the dates on the top and organize them in chronolgical order…You cant even do something a 12 year kid can do and you call others dumb?

    Pfwaa ha ha hah aha aha hah XD XE

    If your to afraid then post them all on here with your wap retarded formating and I’ll exploit you with style. Because if you dont I’ll eventually get to see the list again, or have Dalen them post it somewhere I can see it…No more excuses faggot, no more empty lame comes backs, no more lies, no more repeating one oaccaison one-hundred-fucking-times…If you refuse to take up the challange in posting it all in chronological order, then consider yourself forever a coward fucking loser…because theres no way you can parry or evade a simple task that takes no more than 15 minutes…yeah thats right, dont bother even thinking you can remain on this subject if you dont put your cunt lies in chronological order, because others might not have caught your stink fucking lies but when I point them out, you know that you’ll hang your self in how much everybody will be chastize-ing to even laughing there ass off at you when you then have to walk the planq.

    Man the fuck up!

    Comment by Prime — April 29, 2013 @ 7:57 PM

    • hahahahaha…………………………………….so u can count up to 5 now………..brag abt it man…………thts a gr8 thing for u….lol


      btw, 1,2,3,4,5 is not cronologecal order……..its just d sequense of natural numbers…..hahahahahaa

      nice try prime loser….lol

      Comment by Non-Prime — April 30, 2013 @ 9:09 AM

  23. XD XD XD No it aint, Chronological order is when you put them in order of its time occurrences… not sequences, sequences still can be random you fucking twat….

    1. Arranged in order of time of occurrence.


    The same way theres Alphabetical order with letters disifering…

    E, A, C, D, B

    Whats that ^ in alphabetical order Ms retard?

    A, B, C, D, E

    So your telling me they should change alphabetical order into just letter sequences?

    Chronology (from Latin chronologia, from Ancient Greek χÏ?ÏŒÎ1⁄2ος, chronos, “time”; and -λοΩ¯Î¯Î±, -logia) is the science of arranging events in their order of occurrence in time, such as the use of a timeline or sequence of events. It is also “the determination of the actual temporal sequence of past events”
    Chronology is part of periodization. It is also part of the discipline of history, including earth history, the earth sciences, and study of the geologic time scale.


    You have your wap list in a sequence as the number (Lable) this —> 1.) before you name the account but you do not have your dates in (Chronological order) this —>{1909} which is the timeline of when the events happened you dumb broad….you get it pauleta? Of course you do, thats not the reason why you dident post your list, you dident bring it with you (something you always had no shame in doing before/trigger happy ) the reason you dont wanna post it anymore is because you know you cant put it in chronological order. Which that ends my entire conversation with you because like I know you would…you chickened out, you were afraid, you got cold feet, you’re a coward, a fucking loser and ultimately proved me right that you dont even have half as much as you claimed. XD XD XD XD

    Thanks, you made my day…lol…no, my whole year actually…I no longer have to adress you now or even worry about yuku because Bold and Dalen are just regulating the yuku boards and taking out the trash. Me, I’ll move on and find more creditable information and grow the list properly.

    So go ahead fill more of the web with spam, lies, repeats, fictional books, bias propaganda…it dosent matter anymore because you can repeat your list sequence to a 1,000 if you’d like, then I’ll come around that corner and put in chronological oder and demolish the list in just 1 post exploiting you and your girl friends back on yuku…wait…you dont have any friends, all you have is jackjacksonj with his 30 different member aliases and Peter is far above you 4 fags of Vod, Jackjacksonj, Perault and Pathrap, who bring nothing and are livin the cult white supramcy life of nazis who you’d destroy any artifact or documentation of a lion winning if you found it…no dought…XD XD XD

    Oh and Raj, just gotta say…your account from allexperts is a fake by no other than the bias lying loser Paul.

    Ahhh ahaha haa hahha haha hah XD XD XE

    Comment by Prime — April 30, 2013 @ 4:38 PM

    • thank u pri me loser ………..all i needed was d link to wikipidia…hahahahahhahaaaaaa

      ah thts d superhero ur mom lways dremt of having sex wid hahahahahahaaaaaaa…………..

      Comment by Non-Prime — May 1, 2013 @ 8:55 AM

  24. ok, so what the lions fanatics have

    apparently the lions have stronger forequarters and tigers have stronger hindquarters. the source? liarweb. the liarweb author must have been on drugs. research shows that tigers have stronger forequarters AND hindquarters than lions with the hindquarters being stronger by a greater %age.

    the lions apparently ‘practise’ fighting for four years to get a bachelors degree in fighting. source? liarweb again. where else can anyone find more absurd story. every single animal has to fight to survive, more so for the tigers that live alone

    and the last argument by the lion fanatics being the holy books written by clyde beatty. to put it mildly clyde beattys propaganda have been exposed in more places than one. he could not dominate the tigers in his show so he had to mix lions with tigers and as he has confessed he used to put one tiger at a time with more than four lions so that the tigers gradually get scared of the lions. that way he could get the applause of taming both lions and tigers. clever plot.

    Comment by Numero Uno — May 22, 2013 @ 10:51 AM

  25. there are lots of people out there in the forums debating about lions and tigers who have no idea about either. but that does not stop them from debating. they do a quick search and based on the site they visit they form their opinion and stick to that for whatever reason. the problem is liarweb had long been the top of the google search results so her absurd theories became popular over time and people even produced that as an authoritative article. jackjacksonj and raja did a good job reversing the trend but both have overdone it trying to restore parity. while jackjacksonj has put absolutely no account in favour of the lion raja has somehow devalued his own work to some extent by not analyzing some of the pro-tiger comments while putting the pro-lion comments into perspective. still if i could personally thank these two persons for setting this thing straight i will.

    however no one can put something on the internet that is acceptable to everyone. particularly if something is based on proper research and goes against a popular belief then that will face adverse reaction. i am surprised that against all odds these two sites are still doing great

    Comment by Numero Uno — May 22, 2013 @ 11:03 AM

  26. for those who debate just for the sake of it, i suggest to at least looking at a few images and videos before jumping into conclusions. by videos i don’t mean movie clips. you can watch them through webcams of various zoo gardens like the national zoo in washington dc

    Comment by Numero Uno — May 22, 2013 @ 11:11 AM

  27. while it is hard to accept a second place (or even third place) for your childhood hero it is wise to accept a fact as fact. growing up with the stories of lion king the bible proclaiming that the lion is the mightiest of all animals (the people who contributed to that book must have never seen a bush elephant) it is not easy to accept that tigers and even jaguars can defeat lions in one on one fight

    some people eventually see the facts and agree that the tiger is indeed superior. some people like silver prime and bold champ take grand aliases and keep on fighting. the more they see that they are fighting a lost cause the more they try to disturb the discussions. they post extremely long posts with multiple links to the same page in order to confuse people. they resort to childish curse words. they create fake accounts of lions killing tigers.

    they can do whatever but the fact remains that a bengal/amur tiger is superior to any lion

    Comment by Numero Uno — May 22, 2013 @ 11:21 AM

    • Bush elephant?

      Did tigers have documentation of constantly taking down elephants that is consistant? (not just rare occaisons on calfs juvis and dead carrion) Lions are the only predator to have “Ever” taken down elephants as a runtine drill, meaning constantly people of native origin have been eye wittnessed to these events/natrual occurances, we even have videos now days followed by thousand sof records of its consistancy…

      One on one is a human concept and means absolutely jack shit to animals, nor do all humans oblige by there own concept either, in fact humans are the biggest contradiction to that claim, animals are in-capable of lying, mis-leading, stealing material needs, (as much as humans or at all) humans have won wars by being deceptive, killing off there enimies by sabatoge, posioning, out-number rival kingdoms and empires, using weapons, trickery, traps, and more…so practice what you preach when you blantly alienate/ignore the lions superorty of forming Prides over the weak posistion the tiger is in terms wild owner ship being solitary, because you are just digging your self in a whole of bias bullshit and straight up lying…kinda like how you just said Jackjacksonj is a good site…lol

      At-least Lairweb’s used more factual data that came from real people, (not her own opinion) they came from Kailash, Clyde and Hoover…and you already know this, so stop the charade of missleading and twsiting the turth, faggot! I only adressed the lot of you in being blunt and agressive in my choosing of words because I obsereved all of your post (on yuku) before I even came a part of this debate, and you all degraded anyone to everyone who had a opinion in favor of the lion, so shut the fuck up you lying rat!

      Not to mention even though little to almost nothing substantial about lair webs, she dident make up/out of this repeats *cough cough* Bullshit diliberate lies *Cough cough* as much as Raj and jackjacksonj’s site did…(More than 400 combined) If you think thats a mistake, or accident, when people tell the judge in court… oh, It was a accident he slipped and fell on my knife 400 times, just have the judge himself shoot the lying fuck dead right there and then.

      Setting things straight?

      You havent done shit but follow along in spreading more bullshit lies, no one will ever have a definite answer for this debate, in other words… with little data on hand for both lion and tiger, it can only be based on a educated guess, and by data the lion has by far way more facts, opinions from experts, accounts, attributes and statistics that show he is superior in a one on one fight, not to mention a wild fight by natures standards comapring a tiger walsting into lion country, is like comparing a (single) black guy walking into a KKK marathon, or a (single) white guy walking into a black panther gathering, the solitary (thing) would get dissasembled, so stop with the 4th grade halucinations and dreams that the tiger has any steak and claim in fighting lions in the wild on natures accord, the only predators that can, are wild dogs, hyenas and wolves because they have the suffceint numbers, (8-40) even though they can out number lions 3 to 1, if the pride is at its fullest composure and capabilitys, no predator (excluding humans) on earth could contend and win against a lion pride, so wake the fuck up!

      Nice how you act that everything is sourced to larweb, when in fact everything you just said is almost common knowledge for those who know more than the basics about how much lions fight compared to tigers. also I like how you say Clyde beatty was exposed, thats fucking hilarous, where did you dig that out of, your ass? He hid nothing, he stated everything that he observed in his book, you dident find another source that exposed him because clyde beatty is the one (in his book) is the person you dumb fucks end up quoting. Ha haha. He confessed? Or was he just stalking about a single occaision? There are photos (that I showed) with more tigers than lions in his act. Ha haha, there you go again, twisting the facts to aid your wap bias out-looks of pure comedy.

      Me and bold created fake accounts, wheres that? Show me just one you fucking lying faggot, just one…everything I posted was as is, I only gave my opinion based upoun what blogs, youtube discussions and forums had cultivated there opinion on it…show me one where Bold has faked one..(with proof) in how you un-covered it as in showing (we) not how it already was, had faked it? Theres not one, bitch!…In fact, I just added in more of the (already caught) by multiple people, of all you and your lying sack of shit team did on yuku, of all the Novels, faked data, twsting of facts and more…here, go and look your self, you might recongnize some of them because you helped/aid faked some too…

      (last post on page)


      tell me, wise ass…How can we be still striving on a lost cause, (I’m basicaly the newest assest to the debate) all of you have been here for over 6 years, and when we as in Leofwin, Bold, Schamma, dalen, Kaos, and more… have more evidence then your whole team, Jackjacksonj, yuku, Raj-indragits, comparions, angel fire and more (Combined) put-together…you dont have just half of (what you claimed/lied) what I have down on that site now…just more repeats, fictional books, novels, faked accounts, un-reliable data, cherry picked data, and pure lies coming out of your stink cunt mouth.

      The only preson/people who is avoiding anything, trying to derail the discussion, manipulate cloud the judgement is you fucking waps, (all we did was counter it/balance it out with what you idiots consealed and hid) and of course in that link I proved it and will continue proving it.


      Comment by Prime — May 22, 2013 @ 8:21 PM

      • this is exactly what you have been doing – in the forums and to yourself. fooling yourself. you were reduced to a laughing stock in anand tech forum. perrault and brother molested you several times. i felt sorry for you time and again but since you are adamant on being like that and since you love getting kicked around i can not help you

        while you do not add valur to any debate is pardonable your adamant nature of denying the truth is deplorable

        accept the facts. get a life

        Comment by Numero Uno — May 23, 2013 @ 7:49 AM

  28. i remember bold champ had invented a theory involving muscle mass on yuku forum that he thought was the mother of all theories. when he realized that it was actually the mother of all moronic fantasy he stopped posting that

    Comment by Numero Uno — May 22, 2013 @ 11:23 AM

  29. some lion fanatics used to argue that the mane protects a lions and so when lions fight they attack the hind legs. source? liarweb. this was ripped apart in forums with numerous video clips from national geographic and discovery.

    the worst mistake the lion fanatics have done is to source their arguments from liarweb. liarweb is the ultimate proof that you can put any crap on the internet and some people out there will take you seriously

    Comment by Numero Uno — May 22, 2013 @ 11:27 AM

  30. get a life prime loser. for some reason brother and perrault refuses to post comment here. had they been here, no one could save you. you are lucky that i am always so polite in dealing with you.

    Comment by Numero Uno — May 30, 2013 @ 10:02 AM

    • Ok, Raja, tell me one thing. would you change the content of this post just to please dalen’s bitch who would still continue to insult you in various forums? or would you stand up to all this crap from them and stick to the truth? your actions here will tell a lot about your character.

      Comment by Numero Uno — May 30, 2013 @ 10:06 AM

  31. it may seem that i am spamming here, but didn’t prime loser use the same tactic to get the content of the article changed?

    Comment by Numero Uno — May 30, 2013 @ 10:07 AM

  32. well the content has not changed yet. but i have a haunch that it might. that will be sad

    Comment by Numero Uno — May 30, 2013 @ 10:08 AM

  33. this is a blog, not a forum. the readers should be able to comment freely. if the comments are obscene, those can be removed. but no one should be banned from posting comments here. and if obscene comments are to be removed, 90% of the comments from the lion fanatics should be removed from here
    there should be ONE standard for all. prime loser aka dalen’s bitch should not have extra privilege

    Comment by Numero Uno — May 30, 2013 @ 10:12 AM

  34. hey mr david hussey how did you find rajas email id?

    Comment by Numero Uno — May 30, 2013 @ 10:14 AM

  35. gerardo bro why did you stop posting comments?

    Comment by Numero Uno — May 30, 2013 @ 10:15 AM

  36. Mohammad Schoenherr and seviten you guys are needed here. keep posting comments

    Comment by Numero Uno — May 30, 2013 @ 10:18 AM

    • Haha haha haha, the desperation is hilarious.

      You see Raja,

      This is what I had to put with on my short visit to Ava and Untamed, and thats funny, you have it sourced them as creditable, there spamming here and trolling here, stinks and reeks of desperation.

      Numero uno is Kingtheropod x100 aliases Site=(Jackjacksonj)

      And Non-prime is Paul x50 aliases Site=(animal untamed & all experts)

      All he did was post 6 times in a row so that my post remains hidden to you, the same thing he did on ava when me or anyone posted any content of the truth, he would spam a list of like 500 repeated B.S fakes again and again followed by empty remarks and baseless insults, and is the most infamous mother lode of crap that insults everyone calling people right off the back tiger bashers, this and toppled with the fact he lied more than Judith is why I swear and cuss more than anyone, because my “Karma balancer is off the recter scale”…everything he does is in exact opposite of what he says…

      -Hence look at what he just did, he said he’s not spaming yet post 6 times in a row with nothing but cry-outs and whining. [Opposite]
      -Hence He says on his site, oh you might think its bias but its not, yet he has edmonds menagerie repeated over 100x, martial over 50x and haugtons abstract quota over 100x XD XD XD [Opposite]
      -Hence he constantly tells other to get a life, yet he was here far before anyone one of us was, probably even before you and was already at his manipulations[Opposite]
      -Hence he says hes caught people lieing and hes not, first he never provides proof just says fake, lies propaganda as his punch-line and yet hes faked more information intentionaly and has been caught more than anyone ever did and will ever do on topic.[Opposite]
      -He calls different people a/the same person, when they are all different, yet he has more than 100 aliases[Opposite]
      -The embodyment of bias. exactly the opposite of what he always says he stands for and emits, then he calls everysingle person who disagrees with him a tiger basher and lion fanatic, when he’s the only true person who has done that, he post starving 90 pound dying lions and makes fun of them, post anytype of animal that killed them and even faked things that killed lions.[Opposite]

      (A true hypocrite and a walking contradiction)

      C’mon Raja, I know you might be a little bias, but from what I read in your replys to me is you at-least have a heart followed with your own concience…do the right thing pal and cut off this disease thats growing on your leg/site. Hey if you wanna ban me too… so be it, it still wont damper my mission as long as they go down too, I’ll be securing the web of there stink lies. Thats also why he spammed to hide my Icon showing where I made his 367 Bs list all out to be repeats, fakes, fictional books, lies, stink garbage trash talk, one of the most abserd sites… to think anyone who would re-read it all more than 3x would not notice that it all consist of three accounts being repeated over and over again. lol

      He’s just trying to hide the fact that he’s been exploited and exposed and no one will ever in his life take him serious now, that he now dosent exsist in the real world anymore, he gets to lecture no one, gets to opinionate on nothing now, because cry wolf is beyound the amount of lies this terd has told, all of it undiniable here…


      Pfwa ha ha ha hahahah, [EXPLOITED]


      Ha ha, he dosent exist anymore, just a re-acuring carnation of a masqito buzzing around the ear and constantly getting slapped. lol Yet the best he can do is show a opinion that some of mine arnt reliable, while I showed facts in how he lied and faked everything…Two different things=One has proof, (Me) one has a opinions (Jackjacksonj)

      Raja, you know what this is about, its not about who has more accounts, or who has more data, its about who is being truthful or atleast is striving to be honest…you cant deny that, we both can help the world if its formated for educational purposes (Not bias wants) if you can prove to me the tiger is superior, then I have no reason to think other wise, because I am not bias…the same way if jackjacksonj site had really 367 “Different” sources of accounts of tigers winning I would have excepted that the tiger is superior, but was his site truthful? Fuuuck no! I except logic, not desperate attempts to elude and cloud the judgement with un-reliable data. more than 300 repeated content, novels, fakes, lies, propaganda, 2 on 1’s, adults against cubs and all that sewage of a site emites and provided. I have no reason not to be civil, with you and think rationaly, but if they (Jackjack and Paul) are here that would be next to impossible to achive.

      At the end its your decission alone, and again, what I feel I got out of your replys seem self justifying (Not following anyone but your heart) in going in the right direction…and I already apologized for alienating and stereo-type-ing you with those two rejects and for some insults, but I feel myself some what you deserved to be insulted (to a degree) for you allowed this site to be remained unchecked by you (The maker) for over 7 years now, that is no way exceptable to me, espeacialy when you have pages and pages of “other-people” not excluding me, letting you know how one sided bias you came off as, how much content you mis-lead, how much content you hid and twist, so I am justified in critisize-ing this site, but of course its only for the better-ment of improving it or if theres no determination to improve it then to exploit and expose it…anyway you wanna take it in, but I am feeling out in your replys that you are a genuine and possibly be a respectable guy…

      So I will ‘try’ and give you the benefit of the dought.

      Comment by Prime — May 30, 2013 @ 2:23 PM

  37. Raja i wanted to thank you here for your response. as i have said before, i do not lose temper or make personal attacks easily. but this guy gets on your nerves and almost begs for insults.

    thank you also for letting everyone off the hook. while i do think that as the blog administrator you should use your power to restrain people but you should not be biased in doing that. i admit that non-prime may have used a few bad words but if you follow all the posts carefully you will see who the real issue here is.

    i have seen that you added that guys comments to your atricle. to me those comments do not bring any value. i hope you will also realize it that way. but hey it is your blog and you will do whatever you please

    Comment by Numero Uno — June 6, 2013 @ 2:49 PM

    • Wholey shit, you seeing this raj? If I dident post a reply to Jackjacksonj aka Numero uno, (Just on this page) that would have ment, he posted more than 15 times in a row…Ha ha ha ha,

      Talk about the stink desperation is lingering.

      Jackjacksonj: Ohhh Raja the great, please dont remove any of your fictional books, dont take down any of your novels and fakes off your list.. for my husband Paul means well, we have to fill more of the internet with lies and fakes, because we are so bias its ridculous, if you wanna know the turth come to yuku or angel fire, jackjacksonj or any of the other forums and I can show you more lies, like I just did at animal-enthisiast .com at the asiatic lion vs bengal tiger thread under the name Rhino, where I high-light that no male lion stands a chance against even a female tiger.

      I like how jackjack is all into the patty cake mode with you raj. after all you did mention jackjacksonj site is…


      Yeah incredibly bias. lol Wow your true colors are coming out eh jackjack the desperate cry baby, aka Kingtheropod and all the other 100 aliases you go by,

      Jackjacksonj: oh Raja, Prime is getting on your nerves and is asking for insults.

      Pwha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha wholey shit, thats the first time in my entire life, I see someone pull the Jedi mind trick and tell the other person what he is or is not feeling…thats why he told Paul your husband he might ban him instead? Thats because you and your husband filled up this blog for more than 5 years right? I wasent the only one to have noticed, it seemed somewhere on page 1-10 on here someone already exposed your scitsofranic dumbass. lol

      -Raja I dont swear, so please remove Prime from your blog.
      -Raja I dont lie, prime is lieing please please, remove him
      -Raja this is your forum but I will tell you what and what not to do.
      -Raja dont bann my husband paul, ban Prime
      -Raja dont you see his motives, ban him hes bias
      -Raja you are not listening, you have to re-read his post to you
      -Raja, Paul is bias but if you let him go, he will lick your asshole
      -Raja we were part of your site for longer than them, so bannn theeem!
      – Raja, Raja, Raja, Raja, RaaajaaaaaaaaH
      XD XD XD Whaw man you’re pathetic jackjack.

      I couldent give a piss what Raja does now… so keep begging him to ban me lol, just wanted to put it out there all the fakes, novels, and lies you all rely on as your main arguments…you all had no problem spamming it all over the web before, why not now? Because you cant put it in Chronolgy and the dates in “Chronological order”. Ha ha ha ha haaa,

      Jackjacksonj: raja, be like me, I never will ever in my life go and fix my site jackjscksonj, because It was no accident, c’mon, you think I could post 3 occaisons more then 300 times accidently? I did it on purpose! I dilbertly faked accounts and edited them to make people try and belive a single tiger killed 60 lions.

      I gave my word, I will never be civil with the likes of paul and jackjacksonj after all there lies, insulting hundreds of people, making fun of dying and dead animals, faked articles, using novles, being hypocritical and contradicting to everything they degrade, pumping out stink lies about people who disagree with them.

      Why the fuck are you idiots posting in the other section as well? Dosent it say that part of the blog “Is only for suggestions of fixing his site” Yet what the fuck did you 3 homos bring? Oh thats right nothing…just trying to fill up rajas site with trolling content of derailing the initial call outs…running scared that possibly the only site that formed his own opinion and not copy and pasted your entire peice of shit site of lies and fakes…it doesnt matter any way, because all of you have been exposed and exploited, its only getting funnier and better, more pantended and creditable in showing all you and your husband Paul is nothing but bias cry baby losers. Ha ha hah ah ha.

      Comment by Prime — June 6, 2013 @ 8:56 PM

  38. i was wrong all along

    i have realized that i was a moron

    a tiger will beat a lion

    Comment by prime — August 15, 2013 @ 3:30 PM

  39. i appologies for i was stabborn

    i got paid to write lion will win

    Comment by prime — August 15, 2013 @ 3:33 PM

  40. i had been a lying bastard

    i twisted facs and manpulated data

    i repeated 3 lion vic 125 times

    Comment by prime — August 15, 2013 @ 3:35 PM

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