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Cleveland Clinic Experience: A Nightmare

Have you ever been to the Cleveland Clinic Foundation (CCF, or just plain Cleveland Clinic)? If so, chances are you have been harassed by them in one way or the other. Go to the Better(!) Business Bureau website and you will find numerous complaints against them. Remember that it is just a tiny fraction of the people harassed by Cleveland Clinic that would visit the BBB website and a tiny fraction of those would go to the length of actually making a formal complaint. It is another thing that you will be lead to believe that all those complaints on BBB website have been ‘closed’. Dig a little deeper, and you will find the truth about those ‘closure’s!

[There are a lot more complaints against them I found online. Visit the review on Yelp and you can see a tiny link for ‘Filtered’ reviews. May be Yelp did not want to show a low rating for CCF (don’t wonder why) and suppressed most of the bad ratings. Some more ‘filtered’ reviews are here]

I am taking the information from BBB here because I myself have sent a complaint to them, and I know from experience how they handle the complaint, and how CCF has maintained its A+ rating on BBB! The whole thing just disgusts me.

Wonder why such a huge percentage of the complaints against CCF are billing-related? Don’t wonder. Please read a few of them and you will understand. Cleveland Clinic would do the following to take money out of your pocket (and this is from my own experience and from the experience of a lot of other people I have talked with). Even my insurance agent told me that she had been harassed and over-charged in this fashion.

  • They send you a wrong bill, that will have a very high amount due. You may just pay it off without verifying.
  • If you decide to review the bill and talk to them (good luck waiting for the customer representative for at least one hour, who might or might not listen to you properly), they make a ‘promise’ to rectify the mistake.
  • They may send you another wrong bill, add a line that your account would be sent to collections if you do not pay.
  • If you get scared by the ‘collections’ actions and pay up, it is fine.
  • If you decide to talk with them again (good luck again!), you will again hear some ‘promise’, and pay up the entire amount due till that date.
  • The next bill comes with a line that your account has been sent to collections, and that you have not paid anything to them ever!
  • Meanwhile, you will start getting annoying calls every day from some recovery service.
  • Cleveland Clinic would sometimes say that they have received your payment, and sometimes would deny receiving any. The recovery service would continue pestering you saying that they have not received “stop harassment” signal from the CCF. You are in a royal soup!
  • Oh, this is just the beginning. The real circus starts when CCF would charge a lot more from your credit card than what you would approve (and receive a receipt for). In other words, they will steal your money. If you could find that out, good luck talking to their rude customer service people after waiting on line for more than an hour!
  • Is stealing from your credit card account bad? How about charging you for the SAME service multiple times? That’s a special act in the circus by CCF! Or, may be, it’s a course on reviewing bills offered by CCF. By the end of it all, if there is an end at all, you will learn how to review each item on a medical bill.
  • You will never know for sure how much you owe them! If you call the automated service, you will hear some amount. If you go to the QuickPay online system, you may see something different. And, the paper statements may have some altogether different figure!
  • You make a payment on phone, and after a few weeks you call them and tell them that you have already made a payment, they may flatly deny receiving any payments from you
  • The customer service people of CCF are THE WORST I have ever come across. Like any average person in the USA, I have to make numerous calls to customer service department of various companys. But I have never been so disgusted and frustrated as I was almost after each time I talked with the Cleveland Clinic customer service department.
  • The Ombudsman department is nothing but a joke. Don’t even bother disturbing them. Talk with your paper weight, and you will have a much better chance of getting your issues resolved. The most helpful thing I ever got from them was, “it was not our fault. It was a billing-system error.” Sure! the billing-system should be sent to jail, right?

The sunny side is, by the ‘end’ of it all, you may be suffering from high BP and other stress-related problems, and may get admitted to Cleveland Clinic again!

At some point of time, you would wish that you were dead, and Cleveland Clinic may just be the place to go to!

Avoid Cleveland Clinic at any cost. Avoid it like the plague!

Cleveland Clinic Customer Service and Cleveland Clinic Billing Help

  • Call them any time other than between 7 am to 9 am on weekdays and an automated voice will tell you that the best time to call is between 7 am to 9 am on weekdays. If you call during that ‘best’ time, the automated voice will tell you that the ‘best’ time is some other time. Everyone I talked with have been frustrated by this trick.
  • You might be told (more often than not you are not told) that the waiting time is, say, 8 minutes, and your call may not be attended to before a full hour has elapsed.
  • The average wait time I have experienced is about 55 minutes to an hour. That, too, considering the fact I called at around 7:30 am most of the time.
  • The customer service people of CCF are THE WORST I have ever come across. Like any average person in the USA, I have to make numerous calls to customer service department of various companys. But I have never been so disgusted and frustrated as I was almost after each time I talked with the Cleveland Clinic customer service department. They are outright rude, would cut you off in the middle and would not let you talk.
  • If you can somehow explain your issue, you may get some promise to fix the issue. In my experience, and in the experience of the others I have spoken with, those issues have NEVER been fixed.
  • They talk to you as if their billing system glitch is your fault, and it is your duty to reconcile all the statements and bills sent from them ever since you have had the first service at any CCF facility.
  • You think you have paid off the entire amount due, and got a confirmation from the customer service department? Wait for one year! Out of nowhere a balance may appear on your account. Worse, it will be sent to a collections service without your knowledge!

Cleveland Clinic Billing Department

Please go to the BBB complaints page. See how many of the complaints are because CCF have, in a way, stolen their money. I have had the same experience. I had approved, say $600, as a payment to be taken from my credit card amount. After some time, I received a confirmation from the CCF for the same amount with a confirmation number. However, when I checked my credit card statement, CCF had actually taken $799.01 from my account! This is nothing but stealing and credit card fraud. They had all the time to detect it and apologize for it. But they did not.

This happened not just to me. The BBB complaints page show that numerous people have had the same experience. So CCF is well aware of this issue and still has done nothing about it. This makes one suspicious that this is deliberate! It is a shame that Cleveland Clinic, apparently one of the premier healthcare facilities in the USA, would stoop so low for a few extra dollars!

That was just a small part of what the billing department does. Another very common way of taking extra money from the customer is to bill multiple times for the same service performed. I had paid off my May balance in may and June balance in June. later, I found that almost all the items in the May statement had reappeared in June statement. I paid twice for the same thing. When called, the response was, “You have not made any payments in May, ………. Well, I see that you did make a payment, ………. it may be a system error, ………… you see the same items on your July statement and you will have to make the payment, ……….. I will send your account for review.” And that’s that. No remediation. No reimbursement. No apologies. No intention to fix the system.

the whole experience with Cleveland Clinic billing would be a nightmare.

Cleveland Clinic Ombudsman

It might be an understatement to say that the Cleveland Clinic Ombudsman is a joke. Don’t even bother disturbing them. Talk with your paper weight, and you will have a much better chance of getting your issues resolved. The most helpful thing I ever got from them was, “it was not our fault. It was a billing-system error.” Sure! the billing-system should be sent to jail, right?

It’s frustrating to see that someone holding such an important position as an Ombudsman is so callous and void of logic. It was a nightmare to get any point across to that person (mind that, the CCF customer res would get the point much quicker. It’s another thing that they wouldn’t help at all), and even if that person understood the issue, would again forget (deliberately?) in  a few minutes. Sometimes that person would even try to explain the solution to an issue that is completely irrelevant.

Needles s to say that that person was rude and impatient, the type you might expect from Cleveland Clinic.

Avoid Cleveland Clinic At Any Cost

I have been harassed by their billing department for seven months now. I know of others who have also suffered like this. You may find more such people if you visit the BBB complaints page. Any person I have spoken with, that had to deal with Cleveland Clinic at some point in time, has been frustrated and disgusted with their billing department and the customer service. They feel cheated, they feel their money has been stolen by the clinic, and yet there has been no apology from CCF and neither has been any resolutions to the billing system issues.

Cleveland Clinic feels like a trap, a rip-off. Avoid at any cost.

The Role of Cleveland Better(?) Business Bureau

Where would someone go after getting harassed by a large company like the Cleveland Clinic? Better(?) Business Bureau, may be. And what do they do? See for yourself in the BBB complaints page for Cleveland Clinic. The same happened with me, too. After they tried to wear me out by asking for one document after another for a long time, when I took 10 days to make a comprehensive account of all the harassment, I found that they suddenly marked my case as ‘Closed’ with the reason that they determined that CCF has made “good faith effort” to solve the problem! Yeah, the proof of their good faith is all over the complaints page! And what about BBB? Wasn’t it my fault to believe in them, in the first place? The exact same thing has happened with so many other people who complained with BBB with hope for some justice. Better Business Bureau?! Spineless jokers.




  1. I got injury at work and went to Cleveland Clinic Take Care Clinic. I thought I had pulled a muscle but I guess I might have been wrong. These retards prescribe me in non-steroidal anti-inflammatories. But if they would have read my medical history as far as medication allergies they would have known that I am allergic to NSAIDs and not to put me on a dose that was 600 mg I could barely stand up when I went to work and I passed out twice. Luckily I have a doctor at MetroHealth that has an extensive medical history on me and they told me not to go back to work and then on top of that I found out I was pregnant but Cleveland Clinic never took the time long enough to find out whether I was pregnant or not so they could have killed both me and my child

    Comment by Angie — March 18, 2018 @ 4:20 PM

  2. I received a bill today, May,19,2018, that was from the cleveland clinic, a bill that in March of 2018 I was told had been “written off” because of my poverty level, at the time I thanked them- 100% gone ,couldn’t believe it and I guess I shouldn’t have, $6,300 + is more than half of what I make a year! stressful-yes.

    Comment by MICHAEL D MARCH — May 19, 2018 @ 6:04 PM

  3. Cleveland clinic refused to give me appropriate antibiotics for an acute bacterial sinus infection. Slavish adherance to guidelines notwithstanding evidence that my infection did not responding to those antibiotics, but for decades did respond to antibiotics always previously prescribed. I suffered and missed work and important activites unnecessarily due to this.

    Comment by Anonymous — June 20, 2018 @ 6:00 PM

  4. Cleveland Clinic Pediatric Heart Transplant team is very dishonest and is not a number 1rated hospital. Records are edited by Dr B to support his very own curiosity. Dr b lacks bedside manor and him and his team have a total disrespect for life. It took years to see the truth behind all the lies and hidden agendas and by the time we realized it was to late 😦 That whole hospital is a cult. Using People of all ages for government research! The only thing you see is what they allow the Puplic to see. And Cleveland Clinic has the ability to fool the Puplic and cause harm and death and get paid to do it! Once your into the network good luck getting out. I have personally seen the death caused by pure laziness poor medication regime lack of truth and so on. I would like to know how is it legal for Hospitals and Doctors to withhold medical records from patients? And how is it legal to edit records? How is it legal to allow Doctors to play God? Cleveland clinic is a huge distraction Huge Building filled with silver spoon fed heartless killers that get paid tons of money to experiment on poor sick humans of all ages 😦 Its truly sad and heart wrenching to see a child that fought for life so hard be turned away to avoid a hospital and surgeon from getting a bad number! Its so sad to see parents giving hope of life while doctors lie and don’t even have a cure plan:( That hospital needs shut down and records exposed this is crazy to allow Cleveland Clinic To keep killing people ! Human being are not labrats smh . And people need to start standing up against this garbage. Instead of out here worried about material things let’s worry about exposing the truth education on how to see through the lies of these private hospitals and the real agenda of Cleveland clinic which is to use us as experimental objects

    Comment by mom — June 25, 2018 @ 12:37 PM

  5. CCF is way worse than most of the comments above. They are highly disfunctional as a business. I only can hope that the medical care doesn’t become the same.

    Comment by Ronald Markowitz — July 6, 2018 @ 12:29 PM

  6. My story is too long to tell and I’m sick of telling it. The ombudsman work for the clinic enough said. They are a joke. If you have a true medical concern you need to contact the joint commission. You can also contact the attorney general depending on the problem. Above and beyond that document, document, document and always be your own advocate. I had a problem with the bariatric department, medical records and billing. I will never trust the clinic again.

    Comment by Jeanne — July 19, 2018 @ 6:07 PM

  7. In my opinion the head of the bariatric department is a feckless arrogant prick who has forsaken the Hippocratic oath to “first, do no harm”.

    Comment by Jeanne — July 19, 2018 @ 6:11 PM

  8. Experience in Cleveland Clinic Emergency room is disheartening for an 86 year old woman. Will just to an Urgent Care or stay home.

    Comment by Ingrid Abram — August 26, 2018 @ 11:26 AM

  9. Comment by David K. Lord, Patient CCF

    Comment by DAVID K. LORD — December 8, 2018 @ 11:37 AM

    • David. You’re not nice. DO you think it’s possible for an institution that sees millions of patients a year to not have some issues? I’m sure they have numerous problems but that doesn’t make them incapable.

      Comment by Ronald Markowitz — December 8, 2018 @ 11:28 PM

  10. The Cleveland Clinic is a nightmare and the so called Ombudsman office should be called the cover up office. I had an ablation there and Dresing was the surgeon. He supposedly is an electropsyiologist but they forget he had to be a cardiologist for at LEAST 3 years first and they missed a 90-95 percent blockage in a 23 year old circumflex artery. I was a walking heart attack waiting to happen and a local cardiologist in El Paso discovered the problem with the same tests Dresing had performed and since my doctor has NEVER received the results of the tests or the surgery you have to wonder what Dresing missed and of course Robin and Melissa lied or made up nothing but excuses until 8-9 months had gone by and since I was in El Paso I could bot find a lawyer and it was not only the ablation. If I had listened to Dresing and went back for DRUG LOADING I could have easily died.
    The second and maybe worse problem was that a Black? Jerked out a Foley catheter without deflating the balloon and the White nurse and 2 other women said NOTHING but the cover up office sent me letters and stated over the phone that The Cleveland Clinic had followed procedures which of course is a lie and although I informed the J2 floor manager all she did was have me urinate? No one checked me before or after I was discharged and within 2 weeks of returning to El Paso I urinated blood and blood clots went to the ER and had my bladder irrigated and it was stretched and full of blood.
    I had a severe UTI my white cell count was 180 and I was put on a strong anti biotic 2000 mg per day which killed all the good and bad bacteria in my body and I ended up with IBS which I still suffer from. Think hard and long about going to the Cleveland Clinic in my mind butcher shop and big house of horrors before you go. The only way to take care of these cases is to find a firm that will file a class action law suit

    Comment by John William Doering — December 25, 2018 @ 11:26 PM

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