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September 30, 2013

Interesting Maps

Filed under: General — Raja @ 10:48 AM

I know a lot of people who get fascinated by maps and satelite imagery. Some of them spend hours just clicking through Google Maps, ‘discovering’ places or just shaping ideas about places. Some people I know can make a mental map of their itinerary even for l-o-n-g drives and never use a GPS or never seek help from any locals.

When creative ideas and maps intersect, the results become very interesting. Here are a few I found:

Breathing Earth Map:

Breating Earth

This map looks at a typical one year seasonal transformation of the earth. Source.

Live Wind Map of USA

Here is the Live Wind Map of USA. Check out the Gallery for the wind map during Hurricane Sandy on Oct 30, 2012.

Racial Dot Map of USA

For the people in US who seldom step outside of the city limits and think USA has equal percentages of black and white population, this map may be revealing.

World Stereotype Map (According to USA)

This map needs no explanation (Source):



  1. Interesting. Specially the last one!

    Comment by Kosha — September 30, 2013 @ 11:17 PM

  2. lovely!! I also like the concept of map but never thot of it the way you have presented it :)

    was almost scared to see the last one but was relieved to see “Yoga” !

    once while watching “cold files” I came across a statement which said “people in third world (this was a case which happened in Goa or somewhere, a girl was abducted) are obsessed with white skin and blue eyes”….the presenter talked of third world almost like it had polluted her mouth uttering these words

    then I saw slumdog millionaire! (very well received and awarded)

    a program on nat geo managed to show the filthiest parts of Delhi in their documentary on pollution…. after 11 yrs of stay in delhi I had not known such parts existed! nat geo team managed to go to the gallis I was not aware of !

    tlc in its cooking program (Kolkata focussed when I watched it) will show you imageries which will perplex you …probably they seem very magnified when seen on tv…

    but “Yoga” was a relief! I almost thot it will be something else :) …. guess origin of map is not USA they seem to be obsessed with our filth and poverty and refuse to believe that we exist as human beings and might be aware of a concept of called hygiene and good living… ( I can write a post on it so I will stop)

    awesome post! interesting !

    Comment by sushmita — October 1, 2013 @ 5:37 AM

    • Even I was relieved to see ‘Yoga’

      I agree that a lot of Americans stereotype India as dirty/filthy/poor. That is not way off. But there are some other sides of India, too. Those are also stereotyped sometimes (like, Indians are all Geeks, or all hotel-owners, or they all speak ‘Indian’ or they all bow to elephants etc). I used to get irritated by these at some point. I hated the tv programmes that showcased poverty in India. But there is no point in just getting angry. Change the channel.

      Please do write a post on this.

      Comment by Raja — October 1, 2013 @ 10:41 AM

      • haa….haa…true!! change the channel!
        you know I stopped watching tv for quite some time after that third world comment….till date when I open cnbc and at 7 here there is US Sqwak program (when their market opens) I shut it …once I wanted to see because there were stocks I had invested in and was worried about the impact it would have on our market next morning and I see them talking about “it could have been worse, you could have sat in India and wondered about depreciating rupee…blah…blah…. ” and some more stuck up comments on emerging market and that was it! I stopped watching it all together..to hell with what is happening there….shutdown did not impact our market and needless to say rupee recovered post that….. anyways I hate the casual attitude they want to portray by making some stupid comments “oh you don’t have an apple!? are you an American?”…I mean come on … there are better things to look for while watching market right??? …unnecessary cool attitude irritates me ….anyways…. oh god my comment has become a post again …sorry! love this series on maps….fresh fresh post!

        Comment by sushmita — October 2, 2013 @ 11:20 PM

        • Not their fault really.
          The use of English and the British system of education (and constitution, and lifestyle, and clothing, and ……..) somehow made us dependent on them not only physically, but, more importantly, psychologically. We could use the same things to be better than them. But we chose to ape them. (My post: https://indrajit.wordpress.com/?s=white+masters)

          We need a sweeping change in our national attitude, and that should start from our education system (or, even before that, by getting rid of a Congress party that is still living in the 1880s) because the attitude needs to be backed up with substance.

          Comment by Raja — October 3, 2013 @ 9:59 AM

          • he…he…he… agree with most parts minus congress :) …!! why blame a party for things which are at individual and intrinsic level…do you think another party will do a better job…or any political party can make us “feel” or “live” a certain way …
            my thots – education (both at home and in school) is the ONLY means which can make all the difference…instilling love and respect for self is of utmost importance … I am doing that with my child!! lets see…. we always want to be someone else because we think they are better

            hindsight – somewhere we also instil the bias and stereotype in our young ones – so we are actually not different from the whole world :) remember our old movies showing blonds as the most confused and unhappy souls… when I was growing up I heard a lot about broken families, valueless life, and fear of western brainwashing :) …. guess it is a lot of hard-work which we need to do for our next generation to see the world as objectively as it exists :)

            Comment by sushmita — October 8, 2013 @ 11:20 PM

            • Things are bound to change. But may not be in just a few generations.

              Education is the main thing. A Nation’s self respect should come from knowing its own history. History is not taught in our schools. We are forced to mug up page after page of bs that is partly British propaganda and partly Indian politicians’ own ‘politically correct’ version of history.

              Comment by Raja — October 9, 2013 @ 9:28 AM

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