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July 17, 2007

Couth Indian Female!

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When the movie finally ended, she felt content and happy. “It was worth the money, even though Rs. 150 seemed a bit too much at the beginning” she thought. The entire evening, and a good part of night that has already passed, seemed worth the money.

This is life – a nice cup of coffee at Barista to start the evening with! This is the place where she goes to feel rich and comes out poorer every time. But that’s supposedly called life. When ideas desert you, there is Barista.
The local boyfriend was a little late. But, surprisingly, tickets were still available for the movie. The story was surprisingly similar to the last movie she had watched. Actually, the story was similar to most of the movies she had ever watched. But that’s not a big deal. This one has a new name, so must be watched.

When the lights were back on, she realized that there had been only a handful of viewers in the hall. “One needs to have that taste to appreciate such movies,” she thought. “Unfortunately, it seems that not many people around Delhi have got that superior taste.”
When her local boyfriend started the bike, she noticed all the other people coming out of the theatre went to one auto-rickshaw each, started the engine and went away!


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    Comment by Sushmita — December 12, 2008 @ 4:29 AM

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